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  • Good Management Code of Practice


    The landlord agrees to conduct business with regard to the property and the tenancy in a courteous, reasonable and equitable manner and to answer promptly queries and issues raised by the tenant.


    The landlord agrees to ensure that an inventory is signed by both parties at the beginning of the tenancy (or as soon as practicable afterwards) and to give the tenant the opportunity both to carry out a joint inventory inspection at the outset and to discuss the inventory at the end of the tenancy.


    The landlord agrees to withhold any deposit only for the purpose for which it was levied, to return deposits as soon as possible after the end of a tenancy (in any event within 4 weeks) and to provide written details and receipts for any deductions which may be made. The landlord agrees to hold deposits in accordance with an authorised Tenancy Deposit Scheme once this legislation is introduced.

    Repairs and maintenance

    The landlord agrees to carry out repairs within a time period appropriate to the severity of the problem, keeping as far as is practicable to the guide timescales given beow. The landlord agrees to uphold as far as practicable all undertakings given on work to be completed prior to the tenant moving in, to consult the tenant when planning other major maintenance work during the tenancy and to give reasonable notice (except in emergencies) and details of any work, servicing or testing to be carried out. The landlord agrees to set up effective monitoring arrangements to check the condition of the building and installations.

    Landlord's access to property and other statutory requirements

    The landlord agrees to comply with all statutory obligations under housing and landlord & tenant legislation, associated regulations, Codes of Practice and British Standards including the legal requirement to gain access to the property (for inspection, repairs, monitoring or other reasons) only by prior arrangement with the tenant and having given 24 hours notice (except in emergencies).


    The landlord agrees to take reasonable steps to minimise any nuisance, alarm, harassment or distress that may be caused to neighbours by the way the property is used. The landlord agrees to offer occupiers of the immediately neighbouring properties a contact telephone number, address or e-mail address to report any problems, to ensure that "To Let" or "Let" boards are not left up as long-term advertising features, to keep the external appearance of the property in a reasonable condition and to make reasonable arrangements for the storage and disposal of refuse.

    Guide to repair timescales once a fault has been reported  

    Emergency repairs - 24 hours (Affecting health or safety e.g. major electrical fault, blocked WC).
    Urgent repairs - 5 working days(Affecting material comfort e.g. hot water,
    heating or fridge failure, serious roof leak).
    Other non-urgent repairs - 20 working days

  • I have read and agree to the terms and conditions of  
  • I agree to sign up to the the Good Management Code of Practice  
  • – Signing up to this code provides supporting evidence that the proposed landlord will have satisfactory management arrangements in place for the property