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About Tenant Leads

What we do?

RentDirectUK "Tenant LEADS" is a groundbreaking service where property owners and managers can find prospective tenants to fill vacancies. Everyday hundreds of tenants register on our site looking for the right place to live. By purchasing "Tenant LEADS" you can search for tenants actively looking for a rental in your neighbourhood.

How we qualify our tenant leads

The starting point in qualifying tenant leads is getting them to fill out the RentDirectUK 'tenant prospect qualifying form'. The 'tenant prospect qualifying form' asks the prospective tenant a series of very important questions relating to their housing needs, their income, employment status, their status in UK- British citizen, on a student visa, temporary worker etc, how soon they want to move and whether they are able to provide references. From this completed form we are able to analyse the information provided and make an informed opinion based on our years of being in the lettings market the seriousness of wanting to rent by the prospective tenant, their ability to pay the rent and determine that they can prove who they are.

Those that fill in our form are beyond the "just looking" phase and intend to rent a house relatively soon.

At RentDirectUK all our leads have been qualified, all tenant leads are analysed and rated. RentDirectUK analyses key characteristics to determine the quality of any tenant lead. All prospective tenants complete a 'tenant prospect qualifying form'. The tenant prospect qualifying form probes the key characteristics that determine a good tenant lead. The key characteristics that are scrutinised are Need, Affordability, Authority, proof of identity.

Key characteristics that are scrutinised for each tenant lead
  • Need
  • Affordability
  • Authority
  • Proof of identity

1. A need

At RentDirectUK we determine that the prospective tenant has an urgent or at least an imminent need for rented accommodation and that the prospective tenants renting needs matches that of the property of the landlord being marketed. A highly qualified tenant needs your property now or relatively soon not in 3-4 months time. So for example, if you search the RentDirectUK database for tenants for a 3 bedroom property you want to rent out in the next 2-3 weeks, our highly sophisticated matching system will match your property with the needs of a prospective tenant that is a good prospect, a good prospect is a tenant who needs to rent a 3 bedroom property in the location that your property is situated within 1-4 weeks, not someone who wants to rent in the next 3-6 months time.

2. Affordability

A qualified prospect has the money for a deposit on the property as well is in a position to afford to pay the rent on the property you are seeking to let. We access that the prospective tenant has sufficient income by examining their employment status, how much they earn, how long they have been in employment, what kind of employment they are engaged in. For those on housing benefit we determine whether they are entitled to housing benefit, whether they have applied for housing benefit and what percentage of the housing benefit will cover the rent. Our sophisticated matching system will rank prospective tenant leads so that you don't waste time pursuing someone who truly can't afford to pay the rent you are demanding for your property. A good prospect is a tenant that is earning sufficiently to cover the rent as well as cover the bills and their general living expenses. So for example, someone earning £2,000 a month with 2 months rental deposit to hand is a good tenant prospect on a one bedroom flat in Camden with a rent demand of £1,200 a month, whereas a poor tenant prospect based on affordability is someone earning £1,100 a month unless they have stated they will be going into a joint tenancy i.e. going to share the property with someone else contributing towards the rent.

3. The authority to rent

A strong tenant prospect is empowered and prepared to make decisions on whether they want the property and also take action. A poor tenant prospect is likely someone that will not be living in the property but is looking for rental property on behalf of friend, partner or family member. The simpler and more streamlined the decision-making processes, the better your chances of renting out your property.

4. Proof of identity.

A strong tenant prospect is one that can verify their identity by means of producing official forms of identification such as passport, full drivers licence and is on the electoral register and has at least two utility bills no more than 3 months old in their name. We also give extra points for those that can provide character references from their employers or past landlords. So for example someone with a UK passport, a 3 month old British Gas bill, a 2 month old BT bill, is on the electoral register and has proof of employment via an employer character reference is deemed a good tenant prospect. The flipside being someone with no proof of identity, a mobile phone bill that is 4 months old, seems to have been in the UK for less than a year, or that their visa expires in 2 months time and can only provide a reference from a friend is a poor tenant prospect

By assessing the tenant lead- need, affordability, authority to rent and proof of identity and by asking the basic qualifying questions as mentioned earlier RentdirectUK is able to determine whether a prospect is ready, willing, and able to rent your property:

We have developed a grading system; rating tenant leads as poor, warm, hot and smoking hot. We highly recommend landlords to concentrate first and foremost on warm to hot tenant leads and advise against dealing with the poor tenant leads.

The rentdirectUK tenant lead rating system
We rate all our leads into four categories
  • 1. Poor Tenant Lead yellowStar
  • 2. Warm tenant Lead yellowStar
  • 3. Hot tenant Lead yellowstar
  • 4. Smoking Hot tenant Lead yellowStar

1. Poor Tenant Lead yellowStar

Mostly likely not on electoral register, no utility bills in their names and probably has no UK bank account, not recommended to rent an entire house/flat unless studio but might be suitable to rent a room but ensure you collect at least 2 months rent in advance as well as one months deposit. Our recommendation is that this person might be suitable to only rent a room but deposits and rent in advance to be collected.

2. Warm tenant Lead yellowStar

This tenant lead is worth pursuing we rate it warm as the persons move in dates might not match yours exactly but is worth negotiating with this prospective tenant as they might move in sooner or later according to your requirements. This person is likely to be on the electoral register, might be that this person is best suited to sharing your property with somebody else to share the costs and make it more affordable. Definitely worth pursuing this person as a possible tenant as they are likely to be at least two of them looking to share your property, as usual carry out the necessary credit checks, background checks and obtain references.

3. Hot tenant Lead yellowstar

This person is good lead and is likely to be a good tenant for your property subject to further credit checks. This person seems that they can afford the rent, has a traceable history, is in stable employment, has a UK bank account and can provide references. This person might be one of two or three persons renting the property ensure you collect the details for all the other people renting and carry out necessary background and credit checks. This tenant lead is a recommended lead, please ensure your property is in good condition and meets the tenants requirements before you contact them as this ensures you don't waste each others time.

4. Smoking Hot tenant Lead yellowStar

This person subject to a satisfactory credit check has one of the best tenant profiles, is keen to move soon, can afford the rent, is in a good job, has a verifiable work history and can provide references as well as being on the electoral register. The main question is whether your property meets their high requirements. This tenant lead is a highly recommended lead, please ensure your property is in good condition and meets the tenants requirements before you contact them as this ensures you don't waste each others time.
How do I know that you have the good tenant leads that I want?

We let you see our tenant leads before you pay for them so you'll know what you'll get
- no one else does that! We rate all our leads into four categories

  • 1. Poor Tenant Lead yellowStar
  • 2. Warm tenant Lead yellowStar
  • 3. Hot tenant Lead yellowstar
  • 4. Smoking Hot tenant Lead yellowStar

The only thing we don't show is the contact details of the tenant lead until you purchase one of our packages, but if you like what you see, you'll get all the contact details in a click of the mouse when you pay up.