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Pervert landlords caught on video offering free rent for sex

PostPosted: Mon Mar 04, 2019 7:05 pm
by Dolphin
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‘Sex for rent’ arrangements are on the rise, with pervy landlords shamelessly offering a free room - or even just the ‘opportunity’ to share their bed - in exchange for sex

Staggeringly experts estimate that as many as 250,000 women have been offered free or reduced rent for sexual favours this in the UK in the last five years - and as the programme reveals, girls as young as 12 have been known to respond to these sleazy adverts.

Advertising sex for rent could be classed as inciting prostitution and can result in a prison sentence but so far there have been no successful convictions.

As part of his shocking investigation for a new series of ITV's The Kyle Files, daytime chat show host Jeremy Kyle lifts the lid on the murky ‘sex for rent’ problem sweeping Britain. watch video here - ... -homeless/