Airbnb will start reporting homeowners income to tax man

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Airbnb will start reporting homeowners income to tax man

Postby Dolphin » Mon May 21, 2018 7:06 pm

Could this be happening here too?
Airbnb will automatically report homeowners' income to tax authorities in Denmark under a landmark move.

It will make it easier to spot tax evasion by homeowners renting out rooms and properties via the site.

Danish tax minister Karsten Lauritzen said the country wants a "sharing economy" to flourish, but on condition taxes are paid.

The move - which needs clearance in parliament - comes as several countries try to rein in Airbnb tax evaders.

In addition to the issue of taxes, Airbnb is blamed for pushing up house prices in major cities and taking away business from hotels and B&B outlets.

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